Call for Applications: Harvard Pop Center Postdoctoral Fellowships

December 7, 2015


The David E. Bell Fellowship is open to U.S. and international candidates. The Sloan Fellowship on Aging and Work is open to U.S. and Canadian candidates only.


The Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies is currently accepting applications for two postdoctoral fellowships: the David E. Bell Fellowship and the Sloan Fellowship on Aging and Work. Selected candidates will enter these programs in September 2016.

The Bell Fellowship is an interdisciplinary postdoctoral training program designed for researchers and practitioners in the field of population sciences. Selected candidates will examine a broad range of critical issues, most from within the HCPDS's focal areas, including: social and environmental determinants of population health; aging societies; women, work and health; and reproductive health and well-being. Two finalists will be selected.

The Sloan Fellowship is a new interdisciplinary, postdoctoral training program that will address the challenges of aging societies and labor force participation. In broad terms, fellows' projects should shed light on the current challenges of working longer and potential solutions to the ways in which the United States' public and private sectors will need to adapt to an aging work force. Two finalists will be selected.


To apply for the David E. Bell Fellowship: Bell Fellowship Information and Application Procedures

To apply for the Sloan Fellowship: Sloan Fellowship Information and Application Procedures