Call for Abstracts: Imperial Failures Symposium, Singapore Management University

December 1, 2023


Open to all interested scholars. 


Gallatin School of Individualized Study and Singapore Management University are accepting proposals for participation in the August 22-24, 2024 conference Imperial Failures—Environment and Nature Deconstructed. 

Much of the work to date on Empire and environment has been focused on control. How imperial governments sought to collect, classify, and order the flora and fauna or sought to manage, engineer, and contain nature through hydraulic projects, land-use change, weather studies and even climate engineering. Many, or most, of these things related to profit, through maximizing, extracting, or planting commercial resources but have also been said to reflect a wider, symbolic representation of power over nature, ergo, power over colonized lands through technical superiority and the imposing of colonial systems of knowledge. This workshop seeks to ask instead – what happened when things went wrong? Papers should address these topics. 


Please visit the posting page for complete application requirements. Please email Fiona Williamson at [email protected] and Todd Porterfield at [email protected] with any questions.