UN1600: Earth Resources and Sustainable Development | P. Kelemen

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Undergraduate Lecture
Tu Th 1:10-2:25PM

Survey of the origin and extent of mineral resources, fossil fuels, and industrial materials, that are non-renewable, finite resources, and the environmental consequences of their extraction and use, using the textbook “Earth Resources and the Environment”, by James Craig, David Vaughan, and Brian Skinner. This course will provide an overview, but will include focus on topics of current societal relevance, including estimated reserves and extraction costs for fossil fuels, geological storage of CO2, sources and disposal methods for nuclear energy fuels, sources and future for luxury goods such as gold and diamonds, and special, rare materials used in consumer electronics (e.g., “Coltan”, mostly from Congo) and in newly emerging technologies such as superconducting magnets and rechargeable batteries (e.g., heavy rare earth elements, mostly from China). Guest lectures from economists, commodity traders, and resource geologists will provide “real world” input.

Prerequisites: none; high school chemistry recommended.

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