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Help us explore complex problems at the intersection of science and society
through innovative interdisciplinary methods. 

Whether it is understanding the ethical implications of artificial intelligence or the politics of climate change,
we believe that the world’s most pressing and complex challenges exist at the intersection of science and society.

The Challenge: Traditional academic frameworks that compel experts in the humanities, and social and natural sciences to work in isolation from each other cannot adequately prepare students and scholars to “think outside the box” and work together to generate the multifaceted solutions that issues at the intersection of science and society require.

Our Solution: Help us address this important gap in academia by creating opportunities for scholars in the humanities, natural and social sciences to form new communities, share ideas and collaborate in order to articulate original questions and find new solutions across disciplinary divides.

CSS is unique among other centers at Columbia University in that we:

— Incubate and provide funding for innovative interdisciplinary and high-risk problem-based research that traditional academic settings are reluctant to fund.

— Engage and provide funding for undergraduate and graduate student-led research projects, experiential learning activities, and workshops. Such funding for student initiatives is rare at universities.

Donate now to support innovative interdisciplinary research, seed grants, and public outreach projects. If you would like to allocate your gift to one of the three activities below, please indicate this in the “notes” section of the donation page.

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Please feel free to contact us via email or give us a call at (212) 854-7211.

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