RESEARCH CLUSTER: Center for New Narratives in Philosophy

Christia Mercer, Gustave M. Berne Professor of Philosophy
Skye Cleary, Associate Director

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The history of science as a discipline emerged from the history of philosophy in the early twentieth century. Its initial institutionalization took place mainly in departments of history and philosophy of science. It is fair to say that history and philosophy of science in recent years have gone their separate ways. Columbia is lucky to have several distinguished philosophers of science and historians of philosophy working to bridge this gap. In order to foster and encourage exchange among historians and philosophers, the Center includes philosophers among its associated faculty, and support as a founding Research Cluster “Revisiting Philosophy and Its Pasts.” As general editor of Oxford Philosophical Concepts, a new series of books devoted to reexamining the boundaries between philosophy and other perspectives on knowledge in philosophy’s past, Professor Mercer is committed to enlivening contemporary philosophy and encouraging non-philosophers to rethink their relation to philosophy. Working with a small team of historians of philosophy seeking to rediscover the contributions of women and other lost voices in the history of science and philosophy, Professor Mercer has created a new book series, Oxford New Histories of Philosophy. Both of Professor Mercer’s projects have a common aim: to revitalize philosophy as a discipline through a re-conceptualization of its past and to provide materials for research and curriculum development. This Cluster aims at a broad audience, namely, anyone interested in philosophy’s past and present.The Center for New Narratives in Philosophy has also launched the Rethinking Justice Initiative in collaboration with the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center. For those interested in criminal justice reform volunteer opportunities, please click here.


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