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Columbia and Barnard have particular faculty strengths in late medieval, early modern and twentieth-century US history of science, public health, and medicine, and growing strength in the global history of science.  We aim to train students able to integrate the history of science, medicine, and of knowledge-formation into larger regional histories. Comparison among areas of the world and consideration of the international dynamics of knowledge-production will be strongly encouraged. The depth of the faculty at Columbia and Barnard in international and world history facilitates such comparative and international perspectives.

In addition to training historians of science, we offer scholars of all regions and periods powerful tools for historically understanding the roles of science as a significant force within modern societies with ramifications of all kinds—social, intellectual, cultural.  Far from isolating the history of science from history, we work to include science in a more substantial way in survey teaching and graduate training in the humanities, more generally.

 Core Faculty, Department of History

Richard Bulliet, History, Technology and Culture in the Middle East
James Colgrove, History and Ethics of Public Health, Modern Global Public Health
Matt Connelly, History, Biopolitics, Population in the 20th Century
Marwa Elshakry, History, Darwinism and Biology in Egypt and the Middle East
Amy Fairchild, History and Ethics of Public Health, History of Public Health
Frank Guridy, History, Sport, Urban, and African Diaspora History
Karl Jacoby, History, Environmental History
Richard John, School of Journalism, Networks of Communication, Research Institutions, Science
Matthew Jones, History, History of Mathematics, Scientific Revolution
Joel Kaye, History, Science and Medicine in the Middle Ages
William Leach, History, 19th Century Natural History
Eugenia Lean, History, East Asian Languages and Cultures, History of Medicine, Modern China
Malgorzata Mazurek, History, 19th and 20th Century Social Sciences in Eastern Europe
Gerald Oppenheimer, History and Ethics of Public Health
Alexandre Roberts, History, Cultural and Intellectual History of Byzantium and the Middle East
Samuel Roberts, History, Public Health in 19th- and 20th Century Americas
David Rosner, History and Ethics of Public Health, Health and Safety; Industry and Public Health
David Rothman, History, History of Medicine
Kavita Sivaramakrishnan, History and Ethics of Public Health; Science and Public Health in South Asia
Pamela Smith, History, Scientific Revolution, Craft and Science
Nancy Stepan, History, emerita
Rhiannon Stephens, History, Pre-colonial Africa, Medicine and Health
Adam Tooze, History, Modern German and Economic History
Carl Wennerlind, History, History of the Social Sciences and Economic Thought


Core Faculty across Columbia University

David Albert, Philosophy, Philosophy of Physics
Stefan Andriopoulos, Germanic Languages
Brian Boyd, Anthropology, Anthropology of Technology
Michael Cole, Art History
Zoe Crossland, Anthropology, Archeological Anthropology
Nadia Abu El-Haj, Anthropology
Stuart Firestein, Biological Sciences
David Freedberg, Art History, Director of Italian Academy
Alan Gabbey, emeritus, Philosophy, Philosophy of science
Stathis Gourgouris, Classics and Institute for Comparative Literature and Society
Marguerite Holloway, School of Journalism, Science Writer
Richard John, School of Journalism, Networks of Communication, public sphere, science
Rebecca Jordan-Young, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Laura Kay, Physics and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Philip Kitcher, Philosophy, Evolutionary Biology
Robert Klitzman, Psychiatry, Bioethics
Christia Mercer, Philosophy, Early Modern Philosophy, Leibniz
Timothy Mitchell, Anthropology, Technology and Development in Egypt and the Middle East
John Morrison, Philosophy
Alondra Nelson, Sociology, Sociology of Science, Biology
Benjamin Orlove, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Anthropology, Climate Change
Robert Pollack, Biological Sciences, Science, Religion, Subjectivity
George Saliba, Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures, History of Islamic Science
Lesley A. Sharp, Anthropology and Sociomedical Sciences, Mailman School of Public Health
Joanna Stalnaker, French, Science and Knowledge in the Enlightenment
Katharina Volk, Classics
Jonathan Weiner, School of Journalism, Science Writer
Paige West, Anthropology

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