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Columbia and Barnard have a constellation of faculty members located in a variety of departments and institutes whose research and interests lie at the intersection of science and the humanities. Among many specializations, include the historical development of scientific knowledge and in the processes—technical, social, political, intellectual, material and cultural—by which knowledge has been acquired, disseminated, and employed.

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COMS W1002: Computing in Context | A. Cannon, K. Sigman, M. Jones & D. Tenen

T/Th 2:40-3:55 | 4 Points
This is a computer science course for liberal arts majors. By taking this class you will gain new super-powers: the ability to think algorithmically, to bring algorithms to life as code (in Python), and to bring code to bear on relevant problems in History, Economics, or Literary Theory (you will pick a track). Taught in conjunction with faculty from Arts, Sciences, and Engineering, this unprecedented course is an opportunity to gain a measure of digital literacy to empower every student, scholar, and citizen. Students may take for credit either ENGI E1006 or CSEN W1002, but not both.
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