Call for Applications: LifeSci NYC Internship Program

The LifeSci NYC internship program is designed to ensure both the success of the life sciences industry in New York City and the employability of New York City college students majoring in the life sciences and in support functions (management, finance, accounting, legal, IT, and others) connected to the life sciences.

The program will provide quality internships for college and graduate students, while offering curriculum and training support with refined “hard” skills in the sciences and “soft” skills of professional and personal development. Additionally, it will convene a working group of academic and industry partners to problem-solve around the gap between student preparedness and industry needs. This will strengthen the internship program in the short term, while creating a feedback loop to enable industry to help shape academic curricula so students develop skills necessary for industry careers

Application Deadline: March 31, 2018. However, placements are on a rolling basis. Applying early increases your chances of securing an internship.

The program is particularly interested in:

— Students interested in business – especially among students who have lab and/or industry experience. Students should be sure to indicate in their personal statement that they are interested in serving in a business role.

— Junior and Senior undergraduates with art or design skills. Students should indicate their interest in using these skills in their personal statement.

— Students in Ph.D. or postdoc programs in Drug Delivery, Biotech, Biochemistry, Biomaterials, Materials Science, Polymer Chemistry, Rheology, or Chemical Engineering; requires lab experience and/or genetic engineering expertise. Medical students and/or those with ophthalmology training are also great candidates.

— Masters and Ph.D. students interested in business roles in the life sciences: In many cases, there is no requirement for a major in biology, the life sciences or a related field. However, applicants with expertise in medicine, digital health, data science, consulting, finance and/or advocacy are encouraged.

— Masters or doctoral students with expertise in immuno-oncology – note that this opportunity requires students who could travel to Pearl River, NY.

— Undergraduates, ideally in biomedical engineering, who could travel to Pearl River, NY.

Program Objectives:

— Assemble a cohort of participating interns that reflects the diversity of New York City university students with a special focus on students from disadvantaged communities and economic backgrounds.

— Work with New York City life sciences industry partners to develop relevant and attractive experiences in New York City’s industry, including frameworks, resources, and structured activities to expand, diversify, and cultivate emerging talent pool.

— Position New York City’s life sciences industry as a valued partner to the university community to identify student career development needs, share resources and information to support fieldwork/career experiences, inform short- and long-term program outcomes, and disseminate program learnings to make internships scalable and sustainable/

— Attract and prepare a diverse range of New York City students for careers in the life sciences sector to ensure that the sector has a wealth of talent to fill the industry demand for good quality jobs.

Please visit the LifeSci NYC website for additional details and full application instructions.

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