Call for Proposals: Precision Medicine and Society Workshops and Seminars

The Precision Medicine and Society (PM&S) Program was established as part of the University’s overall Precision Medicine Initiative to address the ethical, legal, economic, social, and humanistic issues relating to precision medicine and advances in genomics. As part of this effort, the PM&S Program is pleased to issue a request for workshop and seminar proposals. This call for proposals is aimed at encouraging the Columbia community to explore the issues critical to realizing the potential benefits of precision medicine in an equitable fashion.

PM&S workshop and seminar support is intended to bring together scholars from within and across disciplines to focus on matters of common interest relating to precision medicine and genomics. The workshops and seminars can take myriad forms: some may focus on scholars’ works in progress, others may serve as a speakers’ series for innovative work and still others may lead to the development of academic course materials. Participation in the workshops or seminars will be open to scholars and other interested persons by invitation only

Qualifications: Proposals will be evaluated on their intellectual merit and coherence, and their judicious use of funding. Workshops and seminars may focus on a specific topic, a broader exploration of PM&S issues or a set of intellectual questions. We encourage workshops and seminars that are collaborative and interdisciplinary, and that provide structured opportunities for graduate student training and development. The following are examples of areas of scholarship that are of interest to the PM&S Program: Economics of Precision Medicine; Social Impact of Precision Medicine; Benefits and Challenges of Genomic Reproductive Technologies; Legal Aspects of Precision Medicine; and Precision Medicine and the Humanities.

Eligibility: Faculty, research scholars and research scientists across the University are eligible to apply for funding. At least one applicant per workshop or seminar team must be a full-time faculty member. Workshops and seminars that involve faculty from more than one discipline will be given special consideration.

Submission: Applicants should submit: a 3-page proposal that describes the proposed workshop or seminar, its mission, its structure and organization and a plan for its first year; and a detailed budget and budget justification

Proposals should be submitted electronically as a single PDF document to

The award period begins July 1, 2018 and lasts for two years. Up to $15,000 will be awarded. Funding can cover travel and lodging, honoraria, workshop refreshments or meals and a small stipend for a graduate student or postdoc coordinator.

The deadline is April 15, 2018 and notice of award will be June 1, 2018.

For questions contact Cynthia Barley at 212-854-3726 or

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