2017 Interdisciplinary Seed Grants Awarded

The Center for Science and Society provides annual Seed Grants up to $3,000 to cross-disciplinary projects that involve the study of science and society. All full-time faculty, students, and postdocs at Columbia University and Barnard College are eligible, and proposals are encouraged especially from undergraduate and graduate students. This year, the Center for Science and Society has awarded funding to five interdisciplinary projects led by faculty from a number of departments at Columbia University, including psychology, journalism, political science, sociology, and history. Our 2017 Seed Grant recipients are:

Maneeza Dawood (Doctoral Student, Department of Psychology) & Valerie Purdie-Vaughns (Associate Professor, Department of Psychology)
Proposal Title: Social Ties to Muslims and Political Engagement: A Social Network Approach

Kristen Michelle Frazer (Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Psychology), Christopher Medina-Kirchner (Post Baccalaureate Student/Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Psychology), Ana Singh, (M.A. Student, School of Journalism), & David Lipkin (Student, Bronx High School of Science).
Proposal Title: The Fight against ‘Alternative Facts’: Finding Ways to Accurately Communicate Neuroscientific Information to the General Public

Ben Mylius (Doctoral Student, Department of Political Science)
Proposal Title: Graduate Student Transdisciplinary Salon: Increasing Literacy around Ecological Concepts, Frameworks, and Vocabularies

Erela Portugaly (Doctoral Student, Department of Sociology), Adrianna Bagnall-Munson (Doctoral Student, Department of Sociology), & Jonathan Lin (Doctoral Student, Department of Sociology)
Proposal Title: Impairment and the Social World: Towards a Sociology of Disability

Adrien Zakar (Doctoral Student, Department of History)
Proposal Title: ‘Materialized Cosmologies’ Concept Lab

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