Call for Applications: ISERP Start-Up Centers, Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

The Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy seeks proposals for “Start-Up Centers” for the summer or winter break of 2017.  The goal is to bring together one or more teams to work together for one or more months in a common space toward a common goal.  The funding is intended to support a project that cannot be accomplished in a conference and that could lead to a larger, longer-term initiative, such as a new center, a research program or laboratory, or a degree-granting program.  The Start-Up Center is intended to demonstrate both the need and the feasibility, whether through submitted research papers, applications for large-scale external funding, a model curriculum and syllabi, or the creation of shared resources (such as datasets, software, or a public-facing website).  In keeping with ISERP’s mandate, applications should show both intellectual merit and policy relevance.

The duration of the funding is for one year, up to 40,000. For full application instructions, please visit ISERP’s website.

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