Call for Submissions: STEM and Beyond? Informal Science Learning Across Disciplines

This one day workshop will develop dialogue on informal learning (i.e. that happening outside of teaching institutions), focusing upon STEM (science, technology, engineering and medicine) subjects, SAH (social sciences, arts and humanities) subjects and relationships between the two. It recognises the ‘STEM agenda’ as a political force that has shaped ideas and practices around informal learning and science communication over the past fifteen years. The workshop will focus upon successes and challenges, providing an opportunity to critically reflect on the STEM agenda and its impacts. By taking seriously the role of science communication in the arts, humanities and social sciences, and their relationships with STEM, the workshop will address a neglected area of research and provide a platform for developing and improving informal learning practice.

This call for contributors seeks research papers, performance pieces and reflections on experiences of existing practice or future directions in informal learning and science communication across the disciplines. Contributions are welcomed addressing both trends over time in informal science communication and specific examples. Contributions are also welcomed that celebrate successes or signpost weaknesses and failures. By drawing these together the workshop will support cross-disciplinary dialogue on the politics and practice of informal science learning, across and beyond the conventional boundaries of STEM.

Please submit titles and 300 word abstracts for contributions to  by Friday, February 6th, 2017.

More information on this opportunity can be found here.

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