London Science Museum Launches the Dana Research Centre and Library

On November 9, 2015 the London Science Museum Library re-opened as the new Dana Research Centre and Library.  The Science Museum’s Dana Research Centre and Library is the home to its library and archive services in London and to the Research & Public History department.

As envisioned by the Science Museum, the new Centre will provide a “world class environment” for academic research and it will be open to the public as well. A valuable resource for history of science research, the library holds approximately 5,500 volumes on open shelving, and terminals to access digital resources. Selected archives and items from library collections are also available for transport from the facilities in Wroughton, including an extensive selection of works on scientific instruments.  Open shelving holdings may be rotated based on reader demand, and feedback and requests are welcomed.

The Library catalogue is available at and a new catalogue for the Archive will launch in mid-November.

More information can be found on the Dana Research Centre and Library website.

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